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Southern MD, Calvert, St Marys & Charles County Lawn Care & Landscaping

St Marys & Calvert Commercial Lawn Maintenance & Landscape Services

Services to Include:
Lawn Maintenance • Landscape Services • Tree Trimming
Fences • Snow Removal • Hardscaping and Patios

So MD Commercial Lawn Mowing (Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly)

Top Cuts Plus lawn care crews crews and specialized lawn mowing equipment offer lawn mowing programs for business and commercial properties whether it is large or small.

We offer lawn mowing programs to your specific lawn care needs, including weekly lawn mowing and trimming, edging, flower bed maintenance and cleaning trimmings and debris off walks and driveways.

SO MD Commercial Lawn Clippings Mulching

Top Cuts Plus will frequently mow no more than one third of the length of your grass while mulching it back into the soil returning valuable nutrients to your lawn for more resistance to weeds, insects and disease.

Calvert Commercial Landscape Maintenance MD

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So MD Spring & Fall Lawn Cleanups

Leaf Removal

Top Cuts Plus will remove all leaves on the business property and flower beds. Excess leaves can restrict sunlight, nutrients and water from reaching your lawn causing disease, insects and overall stress. We recommend this service in the spring or fall.

Lawn Core Aeration, Seeding & Sodding

We offer core aeration and overseeding, power seeding, and sodding to revive or renovate your lawn.

Southern MD Commercial Landscaping


Aeration is accomplished by punching holes into the turf to allow moisture, oxygen, and nutrients to penetrate the soil reducing soil compaction and makes a lawn less vulnerable to weeds, insects, drought, and disease.


Lawn overseeding helps an established lawn to relieve compaction and improve its density. We recommend aeration and overseeding of superior grass seed once per season to all established lawns.

Turf Sodding

Turf sodding is the process of applying strips of turfgrass to prepared soil, to create an "instant" mature lawn. Sodding instantly upgrades the appearance of your business landscape.

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Planting Bed Maintenance

Top Cuts Plus will weed, edge, mulch, and clean-up your planting beds of all leaves and debris. We will also provide trimming and pruning of all your landscape planting and flower beds and or design a beautiful commercial landscape design for any planting bed areas.

Tree, Bush & Hedge Care and Planting

We understand that trees and shrubs are very important to property owners and their over all curb appeal to their home or office. We are well trained in the proper trimming of all types of trees, bushes, shrubs and hedges.

So MD Commercal Mulching

Mulch Flower Beds

Top Cuts recommends installing the proper amount of mulch often in all flower beds to reduce the frequency of flower bed maintenance and weeding while retaining moisture needed to maintain healthy shrubs

Tree Trimming

Top Cuts can provide tree care such as pruning and trimming to address safety, structural integrity, shape and tree appearance.


Top Cuts will now offer install wood fencing, metal fencing, and vinyl fences on your commercial property.

Waldorf Commercial Landscaping

Snow Removal

Top Cuts Plus provides winter maintenance services such as:

  • Snow Clearing
  • Snow Removal
  • Snow And Ice Management

commercial snow removal southern md

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Southern MD Commercial Hardscaping, Pavers Patios and Irrigation

Does your office space need curb appeal?

Top Cuts Plus is your one stop, one phone call, go to place for design and installation of outdoor living projects for commercial hardscaping & landscaping projects including brick patio pavers, retaining walls, garden walls, retaining walls, and seat walls.

The look of the outside of your home makes a lasting impression on your clients or friends or buyers when you intend to sell. Top Cuts can design and install brick paver patios, retaining walls, sidewalks and walkways.

To add value, curb appeal and convenience to your office, let our highly skilled crews install your upscale paver patio hardscaping project. We'll help you design your homescape or hardscape using major brands of pavers.

We install these hardscaping patio paver projects in Calvert County, St Mary’s County and Charles County Maryland.

Commercial Lawn Irrigation

Top Cuts can now install automatic underground irrigation systems to satisfy the demanding task of keeping your business or home lawn and gardens healthy and watered.

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